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For many years Thailand has been established in Asia as one of the leading manufacturers of motor vehicles, furniture, textiles, food, fresh produce, handmade mulberry paper and handicrafts. Saa Products has worked with Thai Vendors on such projects as the manufacturing of raw materials, Die-casting and Latex products, which have been exported worldwide. We have been working with Thai vendors since 1999 exporting from this exciting and creative country to markets in Europe, USA and Australia. Recently we have started exporting handicrafts to South America, which is fast developing into an exciting new market for Asian goods.

Saa Products has established an office in the Thailand’s Northern capital of Chiang Mai since 2001. This beautiful ancient city is famous for its artistic style and creative concepts in design and manufacturing. Saa Products first came here to develop the use of handmade paper that is a specialty from this region. If you would like to see the latest catalogue of our mulberry paper products, designs and sets, please contact us and we will be happy to send one to you.

However Chiang Mai region has more to offer than just paper. The vast range of furniture, handicrafts, antiques and woven textiles from the North has opened new doors. Now our products are sold by BTC Brazil, The Art Institute of Chicago, National Geographic and The Smithsonian in Washington.

Currently customers are looking for new alternatives to the supply chain outside China, which has dominated the region for the last twenty years. With its competitive pricing and eager labor force Thailand could be a solution for your manufacturing needs.

If you want to find out the cost of manufacturing a product or have seen an item from Thailand that you would like sourced and priced, please feel free to contact us and we will provide the information you need. From concept, tooling, manufacture and quality control of the final goods, we can offer a complete solution for you in Thailand.

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